More about MakeX

MakeX is a global robotics competition platform that promotes multidisciplinary learning within the fields of science and technology. Since 2017 MakeX has inspired over 60’000 students to develop a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) and apply their knowledge toward real-world problems. Learn more about the history of this truly international competition at 

MakeX  Switzerland 2023
At the MakeX Starter Level - The Smart Links arena features an Automatic Stage and Manual Stage where teams demonstrate their skills in problem-solving, block-coding, and engineering. For continuing or advanced participants, 2023 offers a new level of challenge: MakeX Explorer with Python (or Block) programmable robots and enhanced physical challenges for the primary and secondary-school level team.  The mission design of MakeX emphasises communication between two alliances, thus rewarding collaboration and team-work. See the official animated rule guide to discover the exciting MakeX 2023 missions!
Schedule 2023:
Basel | Starter Level | June 24, 2023
Basel | Explorer Level | June 24, 2023
Geneva | Starter Level | TBA, June 2024
Geneva | Explorer Level | TBA, June 2024
St. Gallen | Starter Level | TBA, June 2024

MakeX  Switzerland 2021, 2022
We had a very fun and successful 2021 and 2022 season culminating with the national championship in Basel that saw 30 teams compete for the title!  Team S&L from the Pestalozzi Nachfolgeprogramm were crowned Swiss Champions!